How Can Natural Stone Paving Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home?

Almost anyone can enhance the appearance of the home using natural stone paving. Whether you are looking to complement your property to make it market-ready or you simply just feel like freshening up your outdoor space, natural stone paving can provide a variety of colours, textures and styles to create truly bespoke spaces to really bring your property to life.

From budget to premium, natural stones are not only renowned for creating beautiful driveways and patios but they are also able to withstand the test of time and resist the harshest of weather conditions, which is very much welcomed in the UK. So even if you are considering enhancing your property in order to sell it in the future – natural stone is a smart investment.

Looking to immerse your home within an authentic, rustic and earthy environment? Cut directly from the earth, there is no better way to build this appearance than with natural stone. But if you prefer a more contemporary, elegant or classical appearance, its versatility really can complement or add contrast to a number of different outdoor settings.

In addition to all of this, natural stone paving is also highly sustainable and safe, as many of the stones are non-slip and durable with frost-resistant qualities.

Enhance your home with Premium Paving

The Premium Paving Company offer a wide range of natural stone paving to create almost any look: from sophisticated to authentic or softer, more traditional appearances – our diverse range of natural stones are not only high quality but can work in any environment. Below are some of the different stones and looks available:

Be sophisticated

Our Premium range offers Textured Granite Paving, Sawn and Honed Sandstone Paving and Sawn and Shot Blasted Sandstone Paving.

The textured granite options are ultra-hard wearing and create really vibrant contemporary appearances. The Silver Grey gives a more glamorous look while the Charcoal Flamed Textured Granite can add a high-end chic look to your garden, lightening even the darkest areas of your garden, and providing excellent non-slip properties due to the lightly flamed surface texture.

The Sawn and Honed Sandstone Paving offers a cut and polished finish, available in Forest Green for a neutral appearance or Mineral Grey for a calming and luxury feel. Ripon Sandstone paving offers a combination of smooth pink, plum and grey tones. Finished with sawn edges and a smooth honed surface, its stunning natural tonal variations, split profiles and exquisite organic veining will bring any patio or garden to life.

A shot-blasted finish is also available and gives a slightly textured surface with four sides sawn. Stunning colours and markings make this stone perfect for creating an eye-catching feature in your garden.

Be authentic

For an authentic, weathered appearance, our Tumbled Paving can also have an elegant, contemporary or antique appearance.

With an elegant mix of greys, browns and greens, our Forest Green’s tumbled paving immediately gives a soft but weathered look. Or for something which looks well established but ageless, our Mineral Grey’s consistent mid-grey hue adds a modest chic to all traditional garden settings. For period properties, Ripon enhances any design or project with an enduring antique and rustic look.

Be traditional

For some, a slice of tradition is all that is needed. At Premium Paving, we offer traditional sandstone paving which comes in a range of colours and tones to suit any traditional outdoor setting including Autumn Brown, Forest Green, Mineral Grey, Ripon, Modak Rose or Mint. However, if you want to keep with tradition but desire a more luxurious yet relaxed surrounding then Riven Limestone Paving in a Cobalt Blue, hand-cut or with a sawn-edge could be just the ticket.

When it comes to your driveway, you’ll be looking for little or no maintenance coupled with strong durability. Combining strength, thickness and aesthetics, our range of Riven Sandstone Driveway Paving is perfect. Choose from Forest Green, Mineral Grey, Ripon or Autumn Brown to create a colour scheme that will truly enhance your home.

For more information about how Premium Paving could enhance the look and feel of your property, call 0800 689 5236 today.


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