Can Paving Add Value To Your Property?

Over recent months the average UK house price has started to plummet. This is not surprising considering the ever-looming cloud of Brexit which has been lurking for what feels like a century. The value of the pound is falling and interest rates are rising – pretty bad news if your house is on the market or if you are thinking of selling your property.

Sounds like a buyer’s market? You’re not wrong. With the housing market at a competitive high, sellers need to be armed with that added extra to stand out from the crowd, not to mention adding some essential value to your property. Understandably you probably don’t want to fork out a pretty penny for the work either or cause big disruption inside your house – selling your house can be stressful enough.

It’s all about the outside

First impressions count. When potential buyers arrive at your doorstep, you want them to be grinning from ear to ear before they even step foot inside, and updating your driveway paving could be just the ticket.

Benefits of updating your paving

Looks great: if your paving is crumbling at the seams then it’s probably more of a necessity than a choice but in any event, refreshing your outdoor paving can quickly increase the overall aesthetic of your property. After all, you want your property to look appealing from a distance and you want your viewers to feel excited. By choosing colours and details which match the period and style of your house you can create a unique finish, really build character and do more to capture your potential buyer’s imagination.

Saves time, money and hassle: moving house is stressful enough without the added worry of having to turn your kitchen or bathroom upside down. By refreshing your paving, there is no disruption inside the house and it can be done quickly at a good price depending on the size and look you want to achieve.

Longevity: whether you decide to maintain and seal your existing paving or get something brand new, it will definitely last for longer. It’s certainly more enticing to a potential buyer if they don’t have to do the work when they arrive. Anything which is built to last is a huge plus.  

Better parking: from a buyer’s point of view, being able to park their car on a well maintained and smooth driveway is also bound to be a bonus.

How can Premium Paving help?

At The Premium Paving Company, we have a large range of natural stone paving to complement the exterior of any property or garden. From granite and limestone to sandstone paving, you can achieve a durable, sophisticated and beautiful look to enhance the appearance of your house for any prospective buyer.

To add value to your property and get ahead in today’s housing market call 0800 689 5236 and speak to one of our paving experts.


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