5 Reasons to Choose Natural Stone Paving

Durable, aesthetically pleasing, economical are just a few ways to describe natural stone paving. When it comes to planning a new garden patio or driveway, you will want slabs which embody each of these key areas.

There is an endless market of paving products with a wide range of designs, colours and finishes but the first decision to make is whether you want concrete paving slabs or natural stone paving.

Whilst concrete paving slabs are a widely used and popular option for many paving projects, we believe there is nothing quite like the look and feel of natural stone paving. Here we will be discussing our top five reasons on why you should consider choosing natural stone paving.


Ultimately, paving is an investment which means you will most certainly want a product that will last for years to come. An issue many homeowners incur with concrete paving slabs is their tendency to crack, break and erode over time due to exposure to the elements or daily traffic.

Natural stone paving, on the other hand, is extremely durable with their composition consisting of minerals that have been hardened over thousands of years.


Modern manufacturing methods have meant that artificial slabs can now mimic the aesthetic of a range of naturally occurring minerals. However, most will agree that nothing can compare to the opulence and beauty of the natural stone.

The unique design and pattern alone of each individual stone slab is something that simply cannot be replicated. Natural stone exudes character and arguably creates paving that aesthetically ages much better than their man-made counterpart.


Most property owners have enough to think about without having to factor in the regular maintenance of their paving which is why natural stone is the ideal solution.

However, once natural stone paying has been placed, it will maintain its finish and colour without fading over time. Any dirt or debris can be quickly and easily removed using a pressure washer without having to worry about the stone being chipped or discoloured.

Property Value

Whether you are looking to make some home improvements to attract potential buyers or are thinking about moving in the future, natural stone paving is guaranteed to add value to your property. Regardless of when you had your paving installed, natural stone is a timeless addition to your home and a definite selling point.


Sustainability is key in ensuring we are all doing our part to be kinder to the planet and using raw, natural stone is a perfect way of reducing your carbon footprint.

Using natural resources instead of creating an artificial alternative saves a huge amount of energy, reduces waste and prevents further pollution.

Whether you are looking to invest in your property or simply wanting to improve the aesthetic appearance of your outdoor space, Natural Stone is, without doubt, the perfect choice. Get in touch with The Premium Paving Company today by calling 0800 689 5236 to discuss your requirements.


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