Choosing the perfect paving on a budget

The appearance of your driveway or patio can have a big effect on the overall look and feel of your home. If you want good results, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly and there are lots of things to consider, for example: which colour or material would be most suitable? Or what strength or finish is necessary? And most importantly, what can you afford?

Thankfully, nowadays, if you’re on a budget there are many more options available. Natural stone paving slabs are becoming increasingly popular, so this pleasing aesthetic is available to a much wider audience. Not only could you have your neighbours green with envy but you could have a budget paving slabs which actually lifts the value of your home.

Man-made concrete

Manufactured or man-made concrete has always been able to offer a great variation across a wide price bracket. Made here in the UK, it doesn’t need to be imported and can be made very cheaply. Even with the less expensive varieties you can still be a bit more creative with the colour and texture and keep the overall cost down: choose from red, charcoal or natural shades and smooth, riven or polished finishes. You can also use contrasting colours, block sizes and layout patterns to achieve a more unique and authentic look and feel.

For those who are more environmentally conscious, there are also a good variety of recycled materials to choose from and because concrete is easier to clean and seal, the cost of ongoing maintenance would also be reduced.

Natural Stone

Natural stone can be a cost-effective alternative to concrete paving slabs and because they are 100% natural they really do look great! Indian Sandstone, in particular, can be purchased for a great price and due to its versatility and rustic, earthy tones it can look great on your driveway or in the garden patio. In addition, it is also highly durable and can withstand even the harshest weather patterns.

How can Premium Paving help?

The Premium Paving Company cater for a wide range of budgets and even if your purse strings are a little tight we can ensure your paving isn’t compromised on quality or appearance.

For a warm shade of salmon pinks and smooth browns, our Cashmere Brown natural stone paving is perfect for any rural or modern outdoor setting; or if you’re after a more hardwearing and durable sandstone our Forest Green budget paving may be a better fit in a more neutral environment.

Want to create an excellent, bright and summer feel to your outdoor environment? Hand-finished and dressed, our Mineral Grey budget paving radiates hues of pale and light greys to brighten any dark patches in your garden. For a more elegant finish, our Hawthorn sawn and honed paving combines classic tones of heather, pink, brown and grey, to create a mottled warmth to its shade.

Do you need help choosing your perfect paving on a budget? Speak to one of our paving experts today by calling 0800 689 5236 to see how we can create a truly beautiful driveway or patio, for less.


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