Is sandstone suitable for driveways?

A beautiful driveway will add to your home’s all-important curb appeal, which is why choosing the right material is so important.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can create a good looking driveway that also fulfils its functionality. One of these is sandstone.

Why is sandstone good for driveways?

When creating a driveway, the stone you choose has to be suited to its purpose but also it needs to look fabulous. Your driveway is likely to be the first thing people see when they visit your home so you need to consider the kind of look you want to achieve.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock consisting of sand or quartz grains cemented together, typically red, yellow, or brown in colour. It is a popular choice for several reasons. Firstly it has an inherent natural beauty and secondly, because it is available in a range of natural variations in colour, tone shade and grain you have plenty of choice when it comes to enhancing the style of your home.

Another advantage of choosing sandstone is the relatively high resistance to weather, and the ease with which it is cut.

Sandstone can be tumbled, crushed into gravel, cut into stones or used in larger slabs. Be mindful that the larger the intact stone, the higher the cost of the driveway.

Benefits of a sandstone driveway


Hand-split with a varying thickness of 25/35mm, Indian sandstone is often the first choice for natural stone driveways due to its strength and durability.

In stone or slab format, it is very hard wearing, and therefore handles the weight of constant traffic with ease.


Sandstone comes in a variety of colours and textures which means you can choose a look to suit your style, whether that is a driveway that becomes a natural extension of the landscape, or one that will perfectly compliment the design of your home.

Also, sandstone ages well and can in fact improve its appearance the older it gets.

Adds value

A stunning sandstone driveway is a relatively inexpensive way to add to the resale value of your property should you ever wish to sell.

Easy to maintain

Sandstone is relatively easy to maintain although motor oil dripping from cars can be a problem. If you opt for a sandstone driveway, you will need to be especially vigilant about preventing oil leaks, although applying a coating of sealant should help to prevent oil stains causing unsightly marks.

Are different types of driveway surfaces available?

Yes. There’s a range of different options you can consider when you are choosing to pave a driveway. Here are the most popular.


If you want to blow the budget then you can opt to create your driveway from granite. This hard, heavy igneous rock has the kind of strength and durability that can withstand the rigours of constant use. The downside is that it is expensive to work with as it is extremely heavy and difficult to cut into different shapes.


Marble is another stone that will give your driveway the wow factor as it is such an elegant material.

The cons of using marble is not only expense but the possibility that with the kind of use it is getting it will break. One way to get around this is to use smaller pavers. The smaller the size of the pavers, the stronger the driveway will be. Having smaller pieces will allow force to be distributed across more pavers.


Slate is a kind of limestone and is a handsome high quality driveway material that is more affordable than other high-end stone materials such as granite or marble. It’s non-porous and non-slip, so a safe, durable option for private roadways.


Concrete is cheaper than stone and brick but more expensive than asphalt or gravel and a popular choice but it clearly doesn’t have the intrinsic beauty of a natural stone.


Porcelain is another hard wearing material and has the added advantage of being slip, stain and fade resistant. Also it can be relatively scratch-proof and is resistant to frost. So why isn’t porcelain the number one choice for driveways up and down the country? Well in fact it is pretty difficult to install which puts many people off, as does the cost. It just doesn’t match up to sandstone when it comes to variety of style, durability and relative affordability.

If you wish to know more about sandstone driveways, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team will happily assist.


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