How to add a patio to your garden on a budget

There’s no doubt that the right patio will enhance the gorgeousness of your garden.

However, it has other uses too.

It can effectively be another ‘room’ where you can enjoy a glass of wine, or dinner on a summer evening, hang out with friends and family, retreat with a good book and it can add value to your home, according to a study by

If the barrier to achieving the patio of your dreams is budget, then there’s good news.

With a little planning, and armed with a few out-of-the-box ideas it is possible to achieve your very own bit of garden patio heaven.

Here’s how…

Set your budget

Knowing what you want to spend, and tracking your purchases, is an important part of the planning process.

A professional landscaper will set you back money that might be best spent on new planting, so setting a budget at the start of the project will mitigate any overspend.

It’s all in the planning

Firstly, sketch out a simple diagram of your garden and work out where you’d like to situate your patio.

The front of the garden is the usual place, because it’s convenient for stepping straight outside onto a hard surface.

However, you may have other considerations.

Look at where the sun shines throughout the day, depending upon when you’re likely to use it. Maybe you’ve got a great view and want to be able to take it all in from the patio, or maybe you want a private place where you can retreat without anyone seeing you.

Then decide how you’ll use the space.

Will you want a dining table and chairs, or garden sofas and low tables, or both?

What about lights? Patio heaters? Then set a budget and prioritise your wish list.

Choose your materials

If you are on a budget you may be drawn to cutting costs on paving, maybe opting for concrete rather than a natural stone, but this may work out to be a false economy.

The one major expenditure should be the paving, as it is the primary focal point.

It also has to be durable.

Natural stone paving is easy to repair, fairly low maintenance and can be easy to install.

While some stone can be expensive, there are affordable options such as sandstone that can do the job perfectly.

Also, if you’ve decided to create zones for different activities, for example a seating area or a BBQ space, you can create these in cost-effective ways by using plants combined with features such as paving circles, walling and edging.

Deciding your style

Like your home, your garden should be a reflection of your taste and style.

Maybe you want something vintage and rustic, or perhaps ultra modern and chic?

When designing the patio, think of ways you can complement the design indoors.

For example, a modern house will suit more contemporary paving styles, while traditional paving lends itself well to period properties.

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