What to Consider When Planning a Patio

Adding a patio to your home is the perfect way to make the most of your outdoor space, especially during these gorgeous summer months.

What better way to eat alfresco with friends and loved ones, relax and unwind and enjoy the finer things in life?

However, the design process can be a little daunting and you can often feel like there’s so much to think about before you can make your dream patio a reality.

Here’s how to plan your patio effectively whatever your budget.

1. Think of your ‘why’

Before you start, consider why you’ve decided to create an attractive patio for your home.

Are you looking for a comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and loved ones? To increase the value of your home?

Decide on your objectives and you can’t fail when it comes to designing a patio you love.

2. Set a budget

How much are you willing to invest in your new patio?

Decide on your figures before you get started and keep track of your purchases so you can prevent overspending without having to cut corners.

3. How big?

It’s also vital to consider how large you want your patio to be.

Consider factors such as furniture dimensions, seating areas and how many people you’d like to use the space.

4. Think about the position

Which direction will your patio be facing?

If you’re looking for a sunny place to relax and entertain during the summer, make sure it’s south-facing. Also consider factors such as exposure to the wind, views and privacy before you make your decision.

5. Consider personal style plus design trends

Your patio should reflect your personality and your individual tastes, so make sure that you express that in the design of your patio.

It’s also worth researching the latest design trends so you can create something extra cutting-edge and attractive.

6. What about lighting?

If you’re planning to use your patio after sunset, consider how you can light the space effectively.

A combination of general lighting and accent lighting can add a touch of magic when properly planned.

7. Choose the right materials

There’s a wide variety of attractive materials that you can use to create your dream patio, including durable and easy to maintain concrete, rustic brick, attractive flagstones, pavers, Mediterranean-looking tiles and so on.

Do your research, choose carefully and always invest in high-quality material.

8. Check building codes

Depending on where you live and the size of the patio you hope to create, you might need planning permission before your build goes ahead. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check the local building codes before you get started.

9. Consider any obstacles

Are there any trees, manhole covers or drainage issues you need to consider before you design your patio?

Consider these things before you design your patio so you don’t encounter any issues further down the road. But don’t worry- these shouldn’t be a barrier between you and your perfect patio as there are many creative ways to work around them.

10. Plan it out!

Always, always, always plan what you’re going to create before you lift a finger. This will help you stick to your budget, use the right material for the job, work around any potential issues and create a patio that you absolutely love.

Planning your ideal patio can be much easier than you think. Simply bear these ten factors in mind, allow your creative juices to flow and you’ll soon enjoy a gorgeous, modern and durable outdoor space.

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