What Is Tumbled Paving?

Tumbled paving is Indian sandstone that has undergone a process where it is gently tumbled in a rotating drum supported with granite sand and water.

This method gently knocks back any sharp or rough edges to the stone on the edges and riven surface, giving it a more characterful look.

Where is it best incorporated into outside space?

Indian sandstone is excellent for an outdoor patio because it is durable, while the tumbling treatment makes it less porous and more stain-resistant.

Unlike say, concrete paving where flaws and chips will be immediately evident beneath its surface colour, Indian sandstone will weather well and like an old wine get better with age.

What aesthetic can be achieved?

If you want outside paving with loads of character this is for you.

Tumbled paving recreates the timeworn look of natural stone setts.

Because Indian sandstone doesn’t have a perfect finish, you won’t get a sleek, sharp look.

The small holes and textured, riven appearance are what gives it its character.

With tumbled paving, you get the warmth and age that is particularly suited to an older, traditional – perhaps with a countryside feel – setting.

Think a rustic property in the glow of the south of France sunshine, rather than something more edgy and urban.

It is an optimum material when it comes to getting creative with your paving too because it is easy to achieve different effects according to the colours and size of paving slabs you choose.

Where is it best used?

Tumbled paving is adaptable, and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Its timeworn look works well in rural and conservation projects.

It can bring an attractive eye-catching effect when used for patios and pathways, while its availability in varying colours and sizes lend it to creative laying patterns.

Other paving styles

Sandstone can be treated to create a variety of looks.

One of the most popular is riven sandstone which has a natural cleft, uneven surface texture with occasional ridges and slabs that are usually tapered at their edge.

You can opt for sawn and honed sandstone; this is sandstone that is cut to millimetric precision on six sides (sawn) and then semi polished (honed) to produce an attractive smooth surface.

Sawn and shot-blasted sandstone is another finish involving slabs being sawn, creating an accurate angular edge which can also be referred to as rectified.

Sawn on six sides means the four edges, plus the top and underside of a slab, which can then be shot-blasted to provide an attractive, non-slip surface.

The paving’s rich finish adds a special touch to garden designs.


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