What Is The Difference Between Cobbles and Setts?

Cobbles and Setts are a popular alternative to block paving for patios and driveways throughout the UK. Whilst cobbles and setts may look similar, they do in fact have distinct differences. Here we will be discussing the key difference between these two paving options to help you better understand which will best suit your project.


Setts, also referred to as Belgian blocks are broadly rectangular quarried stone with a depth and width of between 75-200mm and varying lengths between 75-450mm and are used in a variety of paving projects.

Originally, they were widely used on steep streets because setts were able to provide horses hooves with a better grip than a smooth surface but are now popular in modern landscaping projects.

Their size can vary depending on the workability of the stone as different rocks will be easier to work with and manipulate than others.

Limestone, sandstone, granite, basalt and more can all be used to create setts which makes them a such a popular and versatile choice. They are also often used to edge paving slabs along garden paths or driveways to create a unique and contemporary look.


Cobbles also referred to as Cobblestones derives from the word cob which means rounds lump. Whilst people often confuse setts and cobbles, the main way in which cobbles differ is that they are rounded as opposed to the square shape of a Sett.

Many people see then as being pebble-like or similar to small boulders but they are defined on the Udden–Wentworth scale as having a particle size of 64–256 millimetres (2.5–10.1 in), which is larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder.

Anyone who has walked on a cobbled beach or a cobblestone path will know that natural cobbles are extremely difficult to walk on. However, paving cobbles are much easier to walk across and are manufactured to create a smooth, aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Setts and Cobbles are both exceptionally durable types of paving, perfect for high traffic areas and exposure to typical British weather. They are versatile and diverse, being available in a wide range of colours and textures there is something to suit any project.

Both can be laid to create unique patterns and designs in their own right or when used as edgings alongside natural stone paving slabs.

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