What Are The Most Common Landscaping Problems?

As we approach the summer, and we are being encouraged to spend more time at home, you may be thinking about making over your garden.

If you are planning on revitalising your outdoor space, The Premium Paving Company can provide the solution.

Before you order any of our products, it is important to resolve any landscaping issues you have.

Here are the most common ones:


Creating a vast, green garden may appear like a great idea in principle, but how you’ll look after it is a key consideration.

If you are not likely to be hands-on, you may wish to consider a low-maintenance option.

The best way to achieve this is by laying paving, a solution that will keep your outdoor space looking great year-round while requiring only minimal upkeep.


Landscaping is not a simple job; it requires a lot of time, planning and preparation to ensure you achieve the best results.

The first step, before you do anything else, is to consider what outdoor space you would like.

That will determine the majority of your design choices.

Are you looking to create a more natural, green look? Or perhaps something more modern and minimalistic?


If you have a large outdoor space to work with, you may be looking at ways to keep your grass areas looking fresh and green throughout the year.

Creating a garden pathway, or stepping stones, to help you reach a garden shed or to walk on while you water plants, is a great way to reduce the impact on your lawn.

If you are interested in laying a path for your garden, take a look at our broad range of natural stone paving here.


As part of a landscaping project, you may now be considering how exposed your outdoor area is to neighbours or members of the public passing by.

If this is something you want to change, there are simple and aesthetically-pleasing ways to do so without blocking any sunlight or making your garden feel enclosed.

Simple additions, such as hedges and shrubs, can help create a beautiful green space while giving you the privacy that you desire.


Ensuring your garden has adequate drainage is an integral part of any landscaping project because it prevents grass and plants becoming waterlogged.

There can also be a risk of water damage to your property which, over time, compromises the structural integrity of the building.

As such, it is always recommended to install a drain that best fits your landscape.

If it is a paved landscape, then it should be properly sloped.

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