Landscaping trends in 2021

Why is landscaping important?

Landscaping is all about designing an outdoor space to suit your needs and while you might not think it is as important as your interior design scheme it is actually beneficial in many ways – some of which you may find surprising!

What is landscaping?

It isn’t just about keeping your garden tidy and planting flowers and bushes. Landscaping is all about creating visual appeal. Think of your garden as a huge space that is part of your home. How would you divide it up? What would you include to ensure the flow from one space to the next? How would you create an area for dining, for entertaining?

The ways in which you can landscape fall into two categories – hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscaping involves creating design elements such as patios, decks, walkways and swimming pools, while softscaping embraces all living things like trees, hedges and grass.

Include landscaping and you’ll most certainly beautify your garden but you’ll also likely increase the value of your home and you’ll feel better for it, as living within aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful landscapes enhances our sense of wellbeing.

Landscaping trends for 2021

  1. Keep it simple

The time has come to make sense of your outdoor space and that means simplifying the garden. One great way to do this is by using different paving stones to create defined areas in the garden. For example, design an alfresco entertaining space, maybe with an on-trend firepit and a patio area complete with squishy outdoor sofas where you can sit in the evening with a glass of wine.

  1. Split levels

Hard landscaping different levels in your garden is an on trend way to zone areas. You can have real fun with this idea. Create steps and lay beautiful natural stone paths leading to terraces and  focal points for you to ‘discover’. Planting works well at split levels too.

  1. Upscale your relaxation area

Why go on holiday once a year, when you can create the holiday feel at home all year round?

OK the great British weather is the thing that lets us down when it comes to living outdoors but there are ways around that. Patio heaters and firepits can provide warmth when the weather cools down for example.

How to get the most out of your relaxation space

● Install a speaker system so you can listen to your favourite music outside (as long as you don’t annoy the neighbours).

● Buy the best garden furniture you can afford. Tatty old plastic garden sets just won’t cut it. If you are on a budget, think about using vintage and salvaged furniture.

● Explore ways lighting can be used creatively in the garden.

● Build a barbecue area, or even an outdoor kitchen.

  1. Create a sanctuary space

The garden has very much  become a place to relax. That doesn’t only mean slumping in a chair with your iPad, which of course is allowed! It can also be the perfect space to practice your yoga and meditation, or chill out with a bottle of fizz in an outdoor jacuzzi.

Create your sanctuary by:

● Including a water feature. Water rippling over stones or a pretty fountain is the perfect background soundtrack for relaxation.

● Walling off an area to make it more secluded and be creative with the space using planting and paving.

● Building a pergola or creating a wall of plants.

● Making the colour scheme as neutral as possible. Hard landscaping in natural stone is the perfect way to create a sense of calm and it’s also the ideal canvas on which to build your planting. Natural stone will make the colour of your gorgeous blooms and lucious foliage ‘pop’.

  1. Make it more than a garden

The garden’s importance grew exponentially in 2021 and as many of us are using the home for everything from work to exercise to leisure it’s become time to realise its potential. For those that have the space, swimming pools are high on the agenda for next summer, as are fully equipped garden buildings such as home offices and gyms.

  1. Give the greenhouse a makeover

The greenhouse isn’t just for propagating your plants anymore, for 2021 the trend is to use it in a more multitasking way. For example you can pave the interior as you would a patio area and use it in much the same way, especially as an alfresco dining space and an alternative for morning and evening relaxation. Link the greenhouse to the main part of the house with a pretty pathway, or stepping stones.

  1. Landscape a small garden

Not everyone has a large garden but landscaping small gardens is now a growing trend. Landscaping can actually make a small garden look bigger. Getting creative with paving stones is what this is all about. Use them to create specific zones, lay borders and make pathways much clearer and lighter, therefore maximising space.

  1. Go crazy with paving

Intricate paving designs are huge for 2021 and landscape designs are beginning to incorporate more stones, concrete pieces, and detailed patterns. If you create an outdoor living area or walkway, consider some intricate designs and patterns.

  1. Create the wow factor

Landscaping is how to make your garden enchanting from the get go. It’s all about creating a wow factor. Paving is an important element, as these are the building blocks of garden design. As you step into the garden, a pathway can lead you on a journey of discovery. Creating a focal point around the entrance with containers filled with plants can be the starting point. The pathways can be lined with flowers and shrubs and if your garden slopes you can create stepping stones leading up to the house, or another area of the garden.

  1. Be individual

The Premium Paving Company is your first step to achieving the perfectly landscaped garden. If there is one thing about landscaping 2021 style it’s all about expressing your individuality and making your garden work for you. The Premium Paving Company knows all about emerging trends and will offer you a whole world of choice whatever colours and textures you might be looking for whatever the size of your project and budget.

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